England has hot weather.

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England has hot weather.

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Millions of people in Britain stayed at home,
and those outside looked for fountains to
escape the suffocating hot weather. All the
media in the world are talking about extreme
heat as the hot and dry weather that has
scorched continental Europe has moved
north. A red heat warning covers most of
England and temperatures have reached 44

In England, Russia, USA, China, India, Europe,
Asia, Africa and the East, the climate is changing
for the worse due to the extraction
and burning of coal, oil, gas and peat.
Human criminal civilization, urbanization
and industrialization have poisoned everything,
crippled and devastated the entire globe.
Around and everywhere are huge underground voids,
quarries, craters and cracks everywhere.
Today, all the earth, water and air are poisoned
and the ozone layer of the atmosphere is completely
destroyed from this.

Changes in the climate for the worse, suffocating
heat are the consequences of the criminal
activity of all mankind - the extraction and
burning of coal, oil, gas, peat, and also from
industry, transport, cold stores, air conditioners,
and also from building materials of all kinds, and
also from cities, landfills and sewerage.

The UK's most suffocating hot weather, the
government has issued a climate change warning
for the worse. Authorities have declared a state
of emergency in many regions as temperatures
hit 40 degrees Celsius in the coming days, the
hottest temperature on record.
The UK government for the first time declared
a state of emergency due to climate change
for the worse, flora and fauna are dying
everywhere due to environmental pollution.

Dangerous, prolonged artificial heat threatens
everyone in different parts of the world.
In Europe - the highest temperature is declared.
Year after year, the temperature breaks records
in history. In many regions of the world,
dangerous artificial heat has been set
and record temperatures have been set,
no decline is expected due to hot,
suffocating weather, all living things are dying.

Artificial hot weather became suffocating and
deadly - from the criminal activities of all
mankind - from the extraction and burning of
coal, oil, gas, peat, as well as from industry,
transport, refrigerators, air conditioners, as well
as from all kinds of building materials of all
kinds, as well as from cities, landfills and

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In Russia, USA, England China, India,
Czech Republic, Canada, France,
Norway, Poland, Finland, Argentina,
Germany, Spain, Brazil,
Portugal, Australia, Switzerland, Mexico,
Netherlands - Holland, Sweden,
Egypt, Turkey, Afghanistan, Europe,
Asia, Africa and the East law enforcement
officers are pursuing the defenders of Nature.

Peace-loving people in different regions
of the world are protesting
against environmental pollution.

A deadly chemical and toxic everywhere
and in everything, in water, soil, air and in all foods,
vegetables and fruits. Based on the above,
there is nothing safe
anywhere, everyone and everything is poisoned.

It became scary to live through
the fault of people, they devastated, poisoned
and disfigured the land, rivers, lakes, seas,
oceans, forests, meadows, mountains
and the atmosphere.

All over the world, people, flora and fauna get
sick and die from chemicals, industry,
transportation, sewage, cesspools, landfills from
all civilization, urbanization and industrialization.
All water, earth and atmosphere on the globe are
poisoned by thousands of toxic substances and
trillions of tons of toxic waste around the world
are buried in the ground, in rivers, lakes, seas,
oceans and mountains; It is the leading cause of
illness and death in all parts of the world.

People think they live away from a large number
of industrial zones and cities and will not be
affected by toxic substances, but their joy is
premature. I am Banjov Nazarali Kholnazarovich,
I visited many parts of the world from
1974 to 2008, and nowhere did I find a milligram
of clean water, not a gram of clean soil, and
nowhere is there clean air. Environmental
pollution affects everyone, no matter where you
live or live thousands of kilometers from
industrial zones, cities, landfills, garbage dumps
and transport roads, all this knows no
boundaries. Everything we pollute spreads around
the world and poisons everything in its path.

There is only one positive news in Europe this
year, the European Court of Justice in
Luxembourg called on Poles to stop mining coal,
ore, copper, zinc, tin, soil, gravel, sand, stone and
so on. The extraction of all this has led to huge
underground voids, and for this in Europe rivers,
lakes and reservoirs become shallow and dry,
flora and fauna are dying, people are forced to
limit water consumption. In Poland, the Vistula
River is shallowing, and hundreds of other rivers
and reservoirs are drying up. All the water goes
into the underground voids, the depths of which
are huge.