In Russia one of the greatest defenders of Nature.

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In Russia one of the greatest defenders of Nature.

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In Russia, one of the greatest defenders
of Nature in the world:
Bolshakova Lyudmila Petrovna, Orenburg, place
of birth of the USSR, November 12, 1937,
Orenburg region, the city of Akbulak. Wonderful
peace-loving person and conservationist.
She is one of the greatest conservationists,
her heart stopped on August 19, 2021
in Russia in the cityb of Orenburg
in a house on Turbinnaya Street.
This is a huge loss for us and we will continue
all of her peacekeeping activities.

Bolshakova Lyudmila Petrovna, was
the only person in the world who never
advertised her noble activities.
Her departure is a huge loss for the whole world;
today it is very difficult to find such wonderful,
peace-loving people. Lyudmila Petrovna was an
amazingly bright and kind person, she will live
in our hearts and the bright memory of her will
forever remain in our hearts.

Lyudmila Petrovna all the years urged people
to abandon destructive actions against Nature,
for the sake of saving the Earth and abandon
everything that harms it. Save from destruction,
take care and tenderly take care of your native
Nature. This was her noble motto always and
everywhere, and we, the peace-loving people
of the world, will continue all her noble deeds.

American and Russian defenders of Nature such
as Bolshakova Lyudmila Petrovna, James Lee
and Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin today, such
wonderful peace-loving people are very difficult
to find all over the world. We constantly miss
them and love them, they live in our heart and
memory, such people adorn the world. We
continue their work with dignity, and we, as the
successors of their work, bring good to the
whole world and for us Nature is more important
than our life.

In Russia, China, USA, India, Mexico, Brazil, France,
Germany, England, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Sweden,
Holland, Norway, Argentina, Switzerland, Hungary,
Finland, Poland, Australia, Canada, UAE,
Luxembourg , Kuwait, Qatar, New Zealand,
Iceland, Malaysia, Austria, South Korea, Cuba,
Latvia, Lithuania, Maldives, Singapore, Turkey,
Croatia, Chile, Estonia, Greece, Monaco, Saudi
Arabia, Bahrain, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands,
Thailand, Jamaica, Japan, Europe, Asia, Africa
and the East landscapes are suffering, forests,
rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, mountains, meadows
and reserves are being barbarously destroyed.

Every second there is large-scale mining of coal,
gas and oil, oil spills, toxic waste, chemicals,
sewer and cesspool waste are dumped into
rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, meadows, forests,
fields and mountains.

All of these toxic wastes hurt
and kill flora and fauna all over the world.
These terrible humanity have poisoned,
disfigured and destroyed the entire globe.

You are not people, but a walking virus
and monsters that are pumping everything
out of the Earth, devastating, poisoning
and destroying such a paradise Nature.

In Russia, Ireland, Sweden, USA, Europe, Asia,
Africa and the East, people have become
insolent, they themselves destroy Nature
and blame the innocent
and defenseless cows, pigs,
birds, insects and all flora and fauna.

In Russia, the USA, Czech Republic, China, India,
Canada, France, Norway, Poland, Finland,
Argentina, Germany, England, Spain, Brazil,
Portugal, Australia, Switzerland, Mexico, Holland,
Sweden, Egypt, Turkey, Afghanistan, Europe,
Asia, Africa and the East
law enforcement officers are pursuing the
defenders of Nature.
Peace-loving people in different regions
of the world are protesting
against environmental pollution.

A deadly chemical and toxic everywhere
and in everything, in water, soil, air and in all foods,
vegetables and fruits. Based on the above,
there is nothing safe
anywhere, everyone and everything is poisoned.

It became scary to live through
the fault of people, they devastated, poisoned
and disfigured the land, rivers, lakes, seas,
oceans, forests, meadows, mountains
and the atmosphere.

All over the world, people, flora and fauna get
sick and die from chemicals, industry,
transportation, sewage, cesspools, landfills from
all civilization, urbanization and industrialization.
All water, earth and atmosphere on the globe are
poisoned by thousands of toxic substances and
trillions of tons of toxic waste around the world
are buried in the ground, in rivers, lakes, seas,
oceans and mountains; It is the leading cause of
illness and death in all parts of the world.

People think they live away from a large number
of industrial zones and cities and will not be
affected by toxic substances, but their joy is
premature. I am Banjov Nazarali Kholnazarovich,
I visited many parts of the world from
1974 to 2008, and nowhere did I find a milligram
of clean water, not a gram of clean soil, and
nowhere is there clean air. Environmental
pollution affects everyone, no matter where you
live or live thousands of kilometers from
industrial zones, cities, landfills, garbage dumps
and transport roads, all this knows no
boundaries. Everything we pollute spreads around
the world and poisons everything in its path.

There is only one positive news in Europe this
year, the European Court of Justice in
Luxembourg called on Poles to stop mining coal,
ore, copper, zinc, tin, soil, gravel, sand, stone and
so on. The extraction of all this has led to huge
underground voids, and for this in Europe rivers,
lakes and reservoirs become shallow and dry,
flora and fauna are dying, people are forced to
limit water consumption. In Poland, the Vistula
River is shallowing, and hundreds of other rivers
and reservoirs are drying up. All the water goes
into the underground voids, the depths of which
are huge.

In the Czech Republic, rivers and reservoirs are
shallowing, flora and fauna suffer and die, water
disappears and land collapses. In the Czech
Republic, people are protesting against the
extraction of coal, oil, gas, ore, soil, gravel, sand,
stone, salt and so on.

Czech nature conservationists are protesting
against coal mining in the city of Turuv,
the head of the Czech government said.
Residents demand thatthe authorities
of all countries of the world
permanently stop mining coal, oil, ore, gas,
bauxite, asbestos, tin, salt, soil, gravel, sand,
stone, diamonds, gold, silver, nickel, copper,
pyrite, zinc, lead, chromium, aluminum,
titanium, cobalt, uranium, oxide, tungsten,
zirconium, magnesium, potassium, vanadium,
molybdenum, palladium, amber, crystal, emerald,
opal, musgravite, benitoite, sapphire, alexandrite,
manganese and so on.

As a result of extracting everything from
the Earth, he dies due to destruction.
All over the world, because of the
extraction of everything from the Earth,
huge huge underground voids, quarries
and abysses have been formed,
and all the water goes into underground voids,
therefore many rivers and lakes have
disappeared in many countries of the

Due to the destruction of the globe, all
plants, vegetables, fruits and berries have
mutated, they are not natural.
Despite protests from the Czech side,
the Polish authorities brazenly continue
to destroy nature.
Residents of the Liberec region, bordering
on Poland, demanded from Prague
to file a complaint against the criminal
actions of the mining company
in the European Court.
The population of the villages of Ugelna,
Vaclavice, Oldřichov ná Hranice,
Hradek nad Nisou believes that coal
mining has led to the destruction of lands,
shallowing and drying up of rivers and reservoirs.

Environmentalists from European countries
have also filed environmental lawsuits
against many countries around the world.
The European Commission has filed
environmental pollution claims in Latvia,
Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Norway,
Sweden and other countries of the world.

The Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted
in the world with chemicals, oil, oil products,
industrial, urban, transport, sewage,
cesspools and landfills.

Earlier, the EU has already filed a lawsuit
against Latvia and a number of other countries
in connection with their failure to fulfill their
obligations to protect the environment.