How to Make a Website

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How to Make a Website

Сообщение hostmaster » 14 мар 2017, 10:14

We learn how make the own website very simply.

We must enter there and after that "sign up" or "order" we enter in the first field "subdomain" write the name of website with latin letter for example "google" and will make such website

The second field we write "password", third field write "e-mail", recommended, we must know that and of these email who registration It's everything will delete,

After that security code and "sign up" registration, website is registred.

We open email and check letter witch is inbox and there will be website activation link, we go to the link and wait, after that the loading website will be activated that we save "username" which write or get email for example tldg_19672958 on this we will enter in control panel,

Now we begin engine installation, we go to control panel and after that "softaculous" we choose witch we want this category what website you want, for example blog, social network, forum and etc...

Choose engine of website and after that "install" will appear field which change "in directory" field wich is writer delete and leave empty, others field change wich you want and the last is button "install" click "install" and will wait before fill installation progress point of shower when it fill website is created.

So illiterate can do this, we want to know you that everything will be free, daily hits limit is 50000 maximum for website, wish success.

Before website will registration you can see of "cPanel" demo version, and understood how the control panel will have your website, before you make the registration.

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