Mr. Ivanishvili and The Georgian Dream

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Mr. Ivanishvili and The Georgian Dream

Сообщение Iver iver » 23 июн 2013, 16:06

Know the symbols of your master...

What is The Georgian dream

7 -pointed star in Kabbalah:
Hebrew Translation: Victory
Position on the Tree: 7
Divine name: YHVH TSAVAOT
Symbols: the Girdle, the Rose, the Lamp.
Vice: Lust, Sexual immorality
The magical uses of Netzach lie in the sphere of emotions.

All these you can find on the emblem of The "Georgian dream"
- Seven pointed star of NETZACH
- Roses
- Sun=Lamp
- 28 sunbeams- Hebrew Letter Tzaddi, Location Path joining Netsach and
Yesod and first 28 letters of Torah. 7x4=28
-Black&White- duality, the fullness, the occult intelligence

Main instrument in achieving of political goals are scandals related to lust and sexual immorality. Manipulations and invasive techniques in the sphere of emotions of Georgians.

These might help in understanding of what kind of clan is in charge of Russia (basically former USSR) and what kind of people are promoted to Georgia.

God bless you

Matthew 13:9 Whoever has ears, let them hear."
The Emblem of The Georgian Dream - 2.jpg
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